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Loud Python messaging.

Shout is a single module providing simple messaging vocabulary for small applications. Shout is NOT a distributed messaging framework.

from shout import Message, hears, shout

class WhoAreYou(Message):

def lucky_day():
    return "We are..."

def dusty_bottoms():
    return "The threeee..."

def ned_nederlander():
    return "Amigos!!"

msg = shout(WhoAreYou)

# We are...The threeee...Amigos!!

Why Shout

  • Decoupling of a GUI and it’s behavior
    • PySide/PyQt signals are bound to widgets making it harder to decouple widgets. You have to explicitly connect each widget’s signals with their slots which could live deep in a hierarchy of widgets.
    • Shout Messages are classes themselves, readily available to all other objects in their scope. Shout from inside, outside, top, or bottom of a widget hierarchy, Messages will still get to where they need to go!
  • Shout is a single module, easily included with any package.
  • It’s easy and fun to use.

Get Shout

Shout is available through the python package index as pyshout.

pip install pyshout
  • Note that only the python package name is pyshout, the module it installs is simply shout.